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Espana Ole’

My first visit to Spain and on my 61st birthday. I arrive at the Malaga airport to be greeted by the homeowner and beloved dog that would be in my care for the next 8 days. Now I must say there was some hesitation involved, I had had only one, brief video chat with these homeowners many months ago and I had met many people in the mean time so it was a bit of a challenge to recognize someone wanting to give me a ride and then I saw him, the beautiful dog with a tennis ball. He of course did not see me, because he is blind, the best kind of date huh? The home was about 30 minute drive and a what beautiful drive, olive trees, orange trees and artichoke just ready to be picked. What a wonderful way to have a chat with the homeowners.

The house was beautifully simple, open and airy with outdoor living and dining space just what I love. Perched on a hill with views for miles and miles. A bit of a walk into the village but so worth the journey as the streets were winding, filled with shops full of necessities for daily life including outdoor cafes. I would enjoy it so much I agreed to return in September for a bit longer sit.

Of course the 8 days went very quickly and I was soon on a quick train ride to Seville. Arriving in the late afternoon I soon learned that restaurants close mid day and only reopen at 20:00 for dinner so what is a girl to do? I found a lovely wine bar just around the corner from my hostel, had a glass of wine and fresh toasted bread and topped with avocado. Perfecto!

Did you notice I said hostel? Yes, I stayed in a modern hostel that reminded me of a college dorm room but private with a private bath. It was very clean, comfortable and breakfast was included. The location was absolutely wonderful for my daily walks exploring the city. I even did a bike tour which was an excellent way to meet other tourists and really get to see a lot in one day. Joining me on the bike tour were two couples (close to my age) from Amsterdam and it was so very nice to chat while biking with them.

The evenings were filled with trying new restaurants recommended by the homeowners daughter who lives in Seville. I do love the concept of Tapas, eating smaller size dishes so you can try more foods. There was also one more recommendation from a friend that I had to try, the thermal bath spa! Finding the spa was an adventure wandering through the very narrow streets in the old jewish quarter was actually fun and peaceful on a Sunday morning. The spa itself is inside the very old building much like the riads in Morocco. Dark, quiet, thermal baths, a completely new experience and very relaxing once you surrender yourself to the idea of ancient history.

As the days went by so quickly I readied myself for a train back to the Malaga airport and return trip to Gatwick airport and then on to Gdansk, Poland for my first english teaching program with Angloville.

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