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Poland to Teach English and Explore!

When you arrive at the Gdansk airport you are in another world, new and modern but still finding its way in the world. The cab driver receives a call on his cell phone from a friend living in America, so we all chat on the ride to the Old town. Gdansk was destroyed in the war, World War II, but it has been rebuilt to remind you of they way it was, beautiful and historic. The old town centre sits along the river with the reflections of the old and new for a lovely walk. The real attraction is the clock with it lovely sounds of time passing us all by. Restaurants and bars abound in the old (or refurbished) buildings that also serves as homes to the generations of polish. There are museums that should not be overlooked and serve as our window to the past that should never be forgotten.

Staying in an AirBnB as I have become accustomed to doing, I find myself in a modern apartment building owned by a man who also owns a local restaurant in the old town centre, he gives me a business card with a discount so of course I enjoy one of the best meals in Gdansk!

I quickly realize that I did not plan enough days in this beautiful surprise of a city. There are many museums and much history to learn. First thing in the morning I must pack again, request an Uber ride to the meeting place of the Angloville group where we will board a bus and travel outside of town to teach english.

Packed and Uber ordered. My Uber driver is a young polish man very interested in my lifestyle, as I am finding most people are. We arrive at the meeting place for the Angloville group and he is very intent on making sure this is where and who I am scheduled to meet!

The highlight as well as my main purpose to this amazing part of Poland was to teach english to a select group of young, talented professionals. Staying at a resort hotel and conference center 1 1/2 hours south east of Gdansk introductions were made to volunteers as well as participants in the program. Having not been a typical extrovert talking non stop to strangers proved to be a bit of a challenge and Exhausting! But by the end of the week lasting friendships were made. So much fun so I agreed to another session in Warsaw and Budapest, which I will write about soon.

Back to Gdansk at the end of the week and much to tired to explore but one more day before departure. I soon learned not to rush my journeys, stay, savour the moments and people we meet along the way.

Off to the train station where I learned a valuable lesson….. let the kind man help with your luggage. Down some stairs, over and up stairs why strain yourself when help is offered? There is a young man with a small boy who offered to help and I say to myself “let him so the boy will see his father as a good example.” Then the man says something in polish to the two teens across the walkway, he then tells me “they will help you on the other side” and they were happy to help even though they missed their train, saying there would be another but I was the first Texan they had ever met!

Next stop Cracow…

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