Heavy Cracow

Arriving at the Cracow train station you are immediately transformed to a much larger city than Gdansk. Busy with school aged tourist on spring trip there is no help or wifi. According to my AirBnB host the apartment is a short walk through a beautiful park, not with luggage! So a cab is in order and he is not friendly or helpful. Dropped at the address but no clear check-in instructions I begin asking for help from anyone coming out of the building. I get inside the building but there are no numbers on doors to indicate apartments. Finally, someone that could help directed through the hallway to the outside courtyard with a door that I once again used the passcode to get inside a small entryway with a door on either side and a stairway. I knew I had an apartment on the ground floor but no code to use on the key box and my phone is not working. I am now hot, tired and hungry. The neighbor across the hall is a very nice man and son that literally moved in on the same day. They offer food, drink but I just need their wifi password! After finally reaching the owner of the apartment he gives me the lock box code, really you could have made this a lot easier, so not a good review awaits. But wait it gets better, read on…..

After a cool evening walk to “cool down” I retrieve a pizza (thick square and rather tasty) and a well deserved tiramisu, oh and a bottle of wine. The morning comes much to quickly but the days go quicker so no lounging in bed. A shower in the ultra modern bathroom is a flood out of the doorway into the entry and having only ONE towel is another feather of frustration in my Krakow cap. The AirBnB host says he will have someone come. Does he send someone, not sure. I have arranged a tour to Auschwitz but it proves to be a major mix up, the tour company says to meet at a specific hotel but not where at the hotel so I miss the pickup. Trying not to be angry I decide a walk to the Castle and old town will be better anyway. The next day is a tour of Schindler’s Factory and that may be enough.

The Schindler’s Factory Museum is so well done you feel like you are living the horror that the jewish and polish people dealt with during, before and after War World II. I highly recommend to purchase tickets online ahead of time. For a private tour check out AirBnB Experiences and hopefully you will have the choice of the young woman that led me through this time in history.

So for the brighter side of Krakow, my mentee in the Angloville program just happens to be from Krakow, she calls it “her city” so we meet for dinner and a walking tour of the lessor known areas. Made me so happy!

Maybe this city deserves a repeat visit.

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