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Berne, Switzerland

Switzerland is a bit different from Poland but as I have been hopping from one culture to another I find that adapting is easy. I fly into Zurich and have two nights in the airport Hilton as I am a Hilton Honors member. Now let me just say that this must be the best Hilton I have ever stayed, super service, beautiful bar/restaurant area open and raised with a semi circular view of the area. The rooms are sooo comfortable and nicely decorated with a great work area. It begins to snow and coats the landscape with white. The Hilton is close to the airport so with a shuttle drop off it is very easy to catch a plane or a train which I do both. Catching a train to Bern and my house sit with Anka, the most precious Yorkie mix living in a chalet type home on a hill above the Bollinger train station. Anka and I take two walks a day and with it being spring in Switzerland the walks are filled with blooming flora.

The language is a bit of a challenge, the people speak either swiss/german, swiss/italian or swiss/french. The food prices are a bit higher than some areas I have visited but could be worst as you will find out in my future posts!

Taking a train into Bern is quick and easy with the reward of a busy city with history. Overall, its really all about the people and pets that really fulfill my life and journey. This sit was very special because of the homeowners/family and Anka stole my heart.

Next adventure is Warsaw!

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