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Barbados – Not what you think!

Why would I EVER want to return to Barbados?

The way I enjoy traveling is not as a tourist! Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful island with beautiful people but sooo expensive which makes sense, its an island and everything except rum and chicken is shipped to the island. Groceries are very limited to choice and there again expensive. I do love going to grocery stores to see what the locals buy to nourish their souls, the Bajans eat a lot of fish, fried flying fish to be exact as it is plentiful, cheap and the national fish which can be seen on their flag.

Not having a car is a huge hindrance causing me to feel very isolated.  Walking is my preferred method of getting around but this island is NOT walker friendly. Streets are narrow, if there are sidewalks they are broken and uneven.  As an island, it is all downhill until you return with groceries in the heat!  Taxis are plentiful as an occupation for many of the locals, but expensive as gas is $3.88 a liter. Big Don became my preferred driver, arriving promptly as requested and always with a generous smile and positive attitude which I appreciated.

I did however take a tour so I could see the island where I won’t return.  Ted’s Tours was the best choice, Ted, the owner drives the bus and gives you your moneys worth  $65US for a 5-6 hour tour around the island which is 24 x 14 kilometers.  Ted tells stories of his family along with history and current politics while answering all of those common tourist questions such as “where to eat?” He provides nonstop humor for all ages, drinks at several stops, perfectly timed bathroom breaks and snacks.  I highly recommend the tour Ted’

The weather in July is hot, humid and windy with occasional rains that don’t last long enough to be beneficial.  The beaches are very pretty with white fine sand and blue Caribbean waters.  All of the beaches are public so you are free to walk as far and where you like.

Being isolated was compounded by the television which consisted of the popular American channels. Sooo sad and depressing! I am quite sure that I gained back the weight I lost in Mexico.  The good news, I quit drinking, Who can Afford It?

For the good news, I must say 4 dogs was a bit daunting in my mind prior to arrival but turned out to be the best, sweetest and easy going group of 4!

The house had no a/c but was in a very nice neighborhood providing me my first pool during a summer sit.  There was of course a daily water aerobic class of one, me!

When I was accepted for this housesit I felt such excitement, honor, privileged and proud to boast that I would be sitting in “Barbados” which provoked comments of congratulations and jealousy.  As it turns out no jealousy was required because there have been better sits, there will be better sits and I know in my heart there will be even more sits that I will consider “The Best”.

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