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Turino, Italy

This is my second trip to Italy, the first was May of 2013 when I visited Rome and hiked the Cinque Terre. This trip I was not interested in big crowds of tourist but wanted to fill my 4 day gap with Italian charm and this city met all my expectations. A taxi drive from the airport to the booked AirBnB I was a bit concerned, why? Because the buildings looked old, run down a bit, laundry hanging out most of the windows, no old world charm but rather well lived in neighborhoods. I was quickly delighted upon arrival at a newer building on a corner, across the street from a neighborhood park. My room was the entire penthouse! Well it was the converted attic and it was everything the pictures reflected; new, clean, open and modern. Dormers with glass doors offered a view of Turino and the Alps beyond.

Right around the corner there was a “locals” open air market with everything from fresh veg to socks and cheap plastic toys “made in China”. Amazingly easy to access bus, tram or trains on the intersection of two main streets. No Uber but I soon discovered Free Now, the new or new to me Uber and with a 1st time user discount my ride was almost Free ($1.40) to the city centre.

As I do in most large cities, a walking tour was booked for 2 hours on Sunday. As I was the only booking the guide offered a 4 hour tour on Monday for the same price, yes of course! Joining a german couple and the guide, I was amazed at the history that I knew very little about regarding Italy’s first capital city. There are even palaces that can be booked on AirBnB! Perfect weather for a walk around this city that is perfectly laid out in the grid manner making it so easy to get around while walking or driving. Roman ruins are that are still standing after 2,000 years. The ice cream dipped in chocolate on a stick was invented in Turino (at Pepino’s which is still open) as well as zabaglione that I had to have with Moscato added for a kick! Invented by the Franciscan monks to help the men’s vigor after a long day at work! It is said that the original name has been Sambayon, in honor of Saint Pasquale Baylon

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