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My First Published Article-Whoo Hoo!

As some of you know in September I had the honor to speak and attend the first House and Pet Sitting Conference in Swindon, England. It was an amazing experience to be around the leaders in our lifestyle. Well as it turned out there was a representative from International Living in attendance. About a month after the conference I received an email from someone asking me to write an article for the Savvy Retiree, a monthly newsletter which is part of International Living. Now I will be honest with you; first thought SCAM, second thought I was a terrible public speaker so what would make them think I could write an article? and third thought OK I will give it a go and at that point $ was a very far gone thought.

Here is the link if you would like to read what someone paid me to write:

Did you enjoy reading the article? Let me know your thoughts!

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