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What is Your Recipe for Lemonade?

We have all heard the saying “When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade”. During this unprecedented time I started thinking about this idea of trying to stay positive, uplifted, optimistic, loving and caring for everyone. We all have a different recipe or version of lemonade as we all have our own ideas and perspectives on what is happening in the world. Or not happening right now! For me I am in self isolation and as a solo nomad this really isn’t that much of a change, except I am absent the love of pets.

Recipes for lemonade vary as do people, passed down from generations, and different cultures. Some recipes need more sugar, some recipes you need to cook the simple syrup instead of just pouring in copious amounts of sugar, some use artificial sweetener, some infuse the simple syrup with herbs. The sweetness that some people share with friends and family during trying times is helpful especially if its genuine and not artificial. I prefer a tart, refreshing lemonade especially on a Hot day! By Hot it could be the tempers of everyone right now or the humid, hot Texas days that begin early Spring. I do enjoy a healthy discussion with some tartness! There are recipes that add other fruit or flavors for variety of taste and color. Is that what we need right now? Variety or color? Old Fashioned recipes? A simple life? Perfect recipe? Is there anything PERFECT in Life? Patience to allow the flavors to marry or combine before we can enjoy. Here in the South there is a version of mixing tea and lemonade, and in the summer months, when peaches are fresh and flavorful we add them to the mixture. Adding a shot of Garrison Brothers Bourbon for a John Daly that helps ease the pain of any tumultuous times!

Whatever your preference for making lemonade, I hope I have given you some ideas to think about. Go make some lemonade, whatever recipe is your favorite, sit on the porch or balcony and enjoy your day/life. Just for a minute maybe you would like to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Look and listen to the opinions of someone else, just for a moment.

Hugs and Cheers from Texas!

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