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What a Year it is!

It is amazing that we are in the last few months of this year and yet it does seem to linger on, and on, and on. So much as happened to so many, yet I feel gratitude for the life I have made for myself. I refuse to let Covid steal my dreams. I haven’t posted much, actually very little, mainly because I didn’t have WI-FI for many of the months and yet I was in Texas, USA, go figure right?

In June I decided that if I was required to remain in the states I would find housesits anywhere I could get to by car, that led me to Florida where I had 2 of the best housesits with NEW homeowners, New to Housesitting. While in Florida I decided I may never pass that way again so I drove down to Key West and the southernmost point in the US. It was 10 days of rest & relaxation. There were no crowds, mainly because it was hurricane season and because of Covid. I parked my car and literally rode my bike or walked everywhere. Check out where I stayed it is an amazing place to stay, the guest services were well beyond my expectations.

I then drove up the east coast to visit Charleston, SC and it is truly Old South in all of its glory! But beware it is not only HOT but HUMID, how do those ladies stay so “fresh” looking? Sweat glands removed at birth? Maybe!

On to Charlotte, NC for a 2 week housesit with no pets, it was an odd feeling but I was kept busy with plant watering. Charlotte is a great outdoor city with many walking/biking trails and perfect weather. I was given the unique opportunity to meetup with a fellow housesitter that has just begun this lifestyle. We shared our culture, ideas and a few hikes!

After Charlotte I drove to Ashville, NC which was such a nice surprise, NO I didn’t go to Biltmore Estate, but chose to spend my time in the downtown area, visiting the Railyard Art District. What great transformation of an old warehouse district. So many galleries that have been grouped together depending on the art medium.

Then on to Nashville to visit Cheekwood Gardens, Why? you ask, because they had an exhibit of Chihuly glass. A beautiful location for amazing displays of blown glass. I have now seen Chihuly exhibits in Seattle, WA, Kew Gardens in London, England and now in Nashville.

A very peaceful drive back to Texas included the Natchez Trace Trail along with a drive through east Texas. A night stay in Austin, dinner with my brother and an appointment with Customs and Immigration the following morning to complete my global entry process.

A few weeks in the rv camper to detach from the media frenzy brought dreams and ideas of where to go next!

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