About Me

I am a retired widow with Fernweh – a craving for travel and yearning for places yet visited.

I have been housesitting full time for over 6 years. Yes – going from one wonderful sit to the next while caring for the best pets and homes. It has been such a joy to experience so many different personalities, the pets’ and homeowners’! That is what makes housesitting so enjoyable for me.

My sits began locally while still working (and in the US using vacation time) but now I have retired and started sitting internationally. It has always been a longing to learn about other cultures, their beliefs and their way of life.

I enjoy hiking and just being outdoors, so when I can walk a dog (or cat, yes there are some that walk on a lease) it is a great way to become familiar with the surroundings and meeting people while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Moving out of my home which not only held so many memories but soooo much stuff that was unused, was a challenge at the time, but once the move was made, I never looked back.

I now travel internationally providing my house and pet sitting services and teaching English.

It is a fantastic way to make connections with people of many cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. The more I travel, the more I discover we are more alike than many of us realize!

I have worked as a personal assistant taking care of the household for a million dollar home, ranch, and coordinating staff and four children’s schedules. Most recently I worked for a major financial investment company as a Senior Office Administrator responsible for over 300 clients as well as a Financial Advisor who was the Regional Leader for 40+ advisors. (my background check is through that company as I am still employed as an on-call to maintain a few benefits!)

I am in excellent health and hope to maintain my health as well as a Non smoker

Some of my habits include: Efficient, Reliable, Organized, Neat & Tidy, Independent, strong and courageous (as I have been told)